Episode 10 of The Killing Takes Us Into the World of Belko Royce!

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I forgot to record Episode 10 of The Killing last week, but I caught a break and found out it`s streaming on AMC`s web site for The Killing. I started watching Episode 11 when I found out about a streaming 10. Naturally enough, you shouldn`t watch one part without watching the previous one, so switched off to 10. Just watched Rosie footage – her gettin` in a cab and a light is turned off in the Larsen household.

I`m sure glad I got to see Episode 10. Much of it revolves around Belko Royce (Brendan Sexton III), Stan`s partner in Larsen`s Moving Company. Belko has an interesting montage of pix on his bedroom ceiling. Sarah and Stephen need to track down an Adella girl in conjunction with some of Rosie`s last movements on the night she died. By the way, make that Stela, not Stella.

Episode 9 (Undertow) of AMC`s The Killing Has A Shocking Ending!

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I know I keep saying it, but Episode 9 (Undertow) of The Killing tops them all, for surprises and drama. And then I just found this feature on their web page, that video commentary by the key actors, explaining the psychology behind the actions of the characters. It`s nice to play a portion of the program tape, then clip in this commentary for clarification.

The investigation of Rosie Larsen`s murder take some dramatic turns in Episode 9. As a clue, it seems as if the focus on Bennet Ahmed as the major suspect is misplaced. I will say also, in her grief at her daughter`s death, Mitch prods her husband (Stan Larsen) to exact justice. Just noticed the dark lighting and brooding industrial soundtrack (which adds a great amount of atmosphere) in the last scene…

Episode 4 of The Killing, ‘A Soundless Echo,’ Is the Best So Far!

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Episode 4 of AMC`s The Killing, titled A Soundless Echo, is even better than the first 3 parts. It continues with three threads of plot, the two detectives, Rosie`s family, and the developments of Darren Richmond`s, campaign running for mayor of Seattle. All of it was shocking, but the developments with Stan Larsen caused me to lift out of my chair!

Sterling Fitch, Rosie`s best friend, seems to know much more than she`s letting on? It appears as if she was dressed up as Rosie on the night of the murder, and actually saw Rosie leave the school party. But where did Rosie go? Detective Holder is following up on Rosie`s suspicious movements on Bus 103, where she would depart, even during school hours.

Like the scene where Mitch and Stan meet with a priest to plan Rosie`s funeral. The priest says: “Your daughter is with God now, Mrs. Larsen?” Mitch questions where was God when Rosie was left alone with her predator? And what about that letter Sarah found in Rosie`s room? I`m having to rewind the tape to try to read the letter. And now Bennett Ahmed is coming into the picture more clearly.

AMC`s ‘The Killing’ Holds Its Own With Episode 3, ‘El Diablo!’

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The 3rd episode of The Killing held its own in ratings; the premiere had 2.7 million viewers, while El Diablo had 2.6 million. That means viewers are returning and will probably be loyal to the AMC slow burn of a noir crime fiction series. Who knows, maybe it will build up steam. Boy, that devil mask was scary! And those two punks are stealing the show – you know, Jasper Ames and Kris Echols.

And what about the music? Listen for the grinding track by Fran Bak right as the show ends. And can you imagine these two punks videoing the rape of Rosie Larsen down in The Cage. The videoing takes on a realistic tone against such incidents that have occurred on social media. And when Mitch Larsen learns that her daughter drowned, she simulates it in the bathtub. Shocking!

And the janitor clip was a nice little sideshow; he drilled the peep hole so he could peep into The Cage. Therefore, he saw part of the crime. Another sidebar is whether Sarah Linden will get away for her wedding. It doesn`t look good; she`s too busy trying to solve the Rosie Larsen murder. I wonder what the writers were thinking when they created Kris Echols` character? Brilliant character creation! Remember Damien Echols?

AMC`s New Series ‘The Killing’ – A Fresh Approach To A Whodunit!

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Yesterday a friend of mine on Facebook recommended a new series on AMC, The Killing, that was premiering Sunday night. I went ahead and recorded it and am reviewing the taping this morning. The pilot is two hours long, but the remainder of the first season will consist of 13 episodes, each of which will chronicle one day of investigation into the murder of a teenager Rosie Larsen. I just watched the ending (of the pilot), where detective Stephen Holder discovers the cage, “where the real Halloween party goes down.”

Well, the first part was really good! Reviews are sterling as well. Mireille Enos is fantastic as Sarah Linden, the lead detective. The executive producer Veena Sud describes the series as “slow-burn storytelling in a sense that every moment that we don`t have to prettify or gloss over or make something necessarily easy to digest, that we`re able to go to all sorts of places that are honest, and dark, and beautiful and tragic, in a way that is how a story should be told.” (The Killing Brings Murder to AMC by Eric Goldman)

The pilot was directed by Patty Jenkins, which immediately caught my eye, since Patty had directed Monster, the grueling story of our first female serial killer, Aileen Wuornos. The music was quite nice also, but I haven`t found out who did it yet. I like the approach, where we get to witness the investigation in nearly real time. It`s a who done it, and I`m already suspicious of Seattle mayor candidate, Darren Richmond. Since this is so obvious, he must not be the right one. The mood of the series reminds me of Mystic River, directed by Clint Eastwood.