Victoria Arbiter at CBS Best Bet for Royal Wedding Coverage!

April 28, 2011 by  
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What network will you choose for the royal wedding of William and Kate? Which one will do the best job? Or which one will entertain you most? CBS, NBC, ABC or CNN? Maybe you`ll merely channel surf until you land on the coverage that fits your specs? But the real question is, which station will you want to commit to recording on your DVR? The quality would have to be good enough to warrant playing it back over and over again.

The damn thing starts at 5 AM tomorrow here in Austin, but fortunately I`ve earmarked a holiday from work. I`m leaning towards CBS, since Victoria Arbiter will be covering the wedding with the dignity and grace of an expert. Judyth Piazza, with The SOP Radio Network, has interviewed Victoria just yesterday, and she (both Victoria and Judyth) seems like the best bet to manage the media circus surrounding the wedding of the century. Victoria is English and an expert on these matters.

This morning I`m conducting a history lesson on Westminister Abbey, which dates back to 960 AD. English coronations are conducted here. The Gothic building itself was built by Henry III in 1245. The Library and Muniment Rooms are of special interest to me. They house the multitude of manuscripts that comprise the Histories of Westminister, that preserve a thousand years of recorded marvels that is oh so British.