Parking Space Denied For Dude With Ugly Van

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“A California man’s lawsuit against the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club claims he was denied use of a handicapped parking spot because his van is ugly.

Joseph Lee, 62, said club employees told him in September he would not be allowed to use the handicapped spots near the grandstand and would instead have to park in a dirt lot, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Monday.”

Lee can’t do anything about his disability, but he can upgrade to a less unsightly vehicle. I don’t blame the owner of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for kicking him and his ugly 1991 E20 Supervan to the curb.

I get incensed when a fool has the temerity to park a van in front of my house. I don’t care if it’s a brand new, vans are boring and unsightly and they are anathema  in my neighborhood.

The lawsuit alleges a violation of the American with Disabilities act, and Lee is seeking $4,000. I hope he wins so he can ditch his old van and buy a half-way decent car.

Dude Calls Cops After Van Locks Him In

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Police in Missouri said a man called 911 to report the wind had locked him inside of his own van.

Gladstone police said the man called Wednesday and said he had been in the back of his van when the wind blew and closed the back doors, which can’t be opened from the inside.’”


This was a commercial van, and there was a metal screen dividing the passenger compartment from the back of the vehicle.

Hell would have to freeze over before I would call the cops to rescue me from such a ridiculous predicament.

I would have kicked the back door until it opened or I broke both of my legs.

Fortunately for the idiot, his friend showed up to free him before the cops arrived.