Idiot Cops Burn Weed, Smoke Blows Over School

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“Police in New Zealand burning off seized cannabis were left red-faced when a change in the wind sent smoke billowing over a primary school, it was reported Tuesday.”


Burning weed is no different than destroying prescription drugs that alleviate chronic pain. I could have used that marijuana to deal with my chronic back pain, or to help me chill out the next time a clueless cop slaps me with a parking ticket.

Those primary school kids are going to be higher than a kite, the teachers might as well let them take a nap until their parents pick them up.

The thought of all that good grass going up in smoke is really stressing me out, I could really use a joint.

Cops Find Box Of Pot Marked With Driver’s Name

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“Authorities in Florida said a box of marijuana found in a car was labeled with the motorist’s first name and the word ‘pot.’

Pasco County sheriff’s deputies said Rebekah Michal Tracht-Kader, 21, smelled of alcohol and marijuana when she was pulled over for driving through a stop sign at 2 a.m. Saturday in Holiday, Fla., the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times reported Tuesday.
Deputies said Tracht-Kader had bloodshot eyes and was slurring her speech. They searched the car and discovered a green plastic box labeled ‘Rebekah’s pot’ and containing an undisclosed amount of marijuana.”
Usually when a stoner is pulled over by the cops, he will swear up and down that he has no clue how the joint got in his ashtray, and he will insist that he didn’t know there was a collection of bongs in his glove compartment. Rebekah made things easy for the cops by labeling the pot with her name.
Nevermind why Rebekah would so  stupid  to keep a box labeled “Rebekah’s pot” in her car, why did she feel compelled to label her stash of dope? Does she belong to a family of potheads who are always arguing over who owns the stash of weed? Will the cops find several boxes in her home labeled: Daddy’s pot, Junior’s pot, and Baby Samantha’s pot?
If Rebekah doesn’t plead guilty to possession of marijuana, “Rebekah’s pot” is going to be Exhibit A in the trial.
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Dude Arrested After Calling Cops After Pot Plants Seized

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Proving there’s a reason why they call it dope, a Monroe County man was arrested after Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies left a note in place of some pot plants saying, ‘Thanks for the grow! You want them back? Call for the price…we’ll talk.’

Forty-eight-year-old Steven Alan Locasio called the number on the note and asked what he had to do to get the pot plants back, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. The plants were seized from a freezer on a wooded lot off of Coco Plum Drive in Marathon. Locasio offered $200 for the safe return of the plants, which detectives agreed to.
Locasio must have been desperate for his marijuana plants, he could have been ambushed by thieves. He’s lucky he’ll be spending the next couple of day in jail, and not in the hospital.
Cops found 20 more pot plants in Locasio’s apartment, and four pounds of freshly harvested weed. There’s no truth to the rumour that the police also found ten pounds of Doritos, and four pounds of Cheetos.
The idiot had plenty of grass to smoke and  to sell, he should not have tried to recover his six pot plants. Locasio must have been smoking too much of his own product.

Search Of Vehicle Turns Up Gift-Wrapped Marijuana

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According to wire reports Missouri state troopers seized almost 20 pounds of marijuana from a car this week, most of it in boxes wrapped as Christmas gifts.
The car was stopped for speeding, and the two women for some unexplainable reason gave the cops permission to search the vehicle. When police ask permission to search your automobile — remember just say NO.
There is no truth to the rumor that the ladies were headed to Snoop Dogg’s home.
Santa Claus can skip my house this year, I’d rather those two ladies leave a gift-wrapped box of weed under my tree.
I hope that those two ladies make it safely to enlightened California where smoking weed is no big deal.