Garage Anthem “Wild Thing” Hits # One Today-July 30, 1966!

July 30, 2010 by  
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What I wouldn`t do to get my hands on one of those MOD Pinstripe-Suits that The Troggs are wearing in their video for Wild Thing. Those relics remain in mostly forgotten Fashion Museums, exclusively these days. Did you know that today marks the day that Wild Thing reached # 1 on the Pop Charts? But my good friend, that was July 30, 1966. After Wild Thing everything CHANGED! How could one simplistic pop song completely alter the very fabric of history?

The Garage Anthem had an impact on our youth that catapulted every local yokel in the neighborhood to pick up a cheap Japanese electric guitar, hook it up to a cheap Sears Robuck Amplifier, then to memorize (lyrics and chording) Wild Thing to (use as a tool) to woo the kids in the neighborhood. This is how I got my start in the music business.

Before I forget, a couple of important details about Wild Thing should be noted. The composer was Chip Taylor, the brother to Jon Voight and the uncle of Angelina Jolie. The other (Wild) thing is that the song had a tremendous influence on our Punk Rock icons. Amongst those who derived inspiration from Wild Thing are: The Ramones, Iggy Pop and the Buzzcocks.

Let us not forget Jimi Hendrix`s version from Monterey Pop. This is probably the most memorable cover of the Garagie Anthem, that will not ever go away. One last thing that I don`t want to omit, is THE TROGG TAPES, which is a bootleg tape of a BAND ROW from 1972 that is the source of inspiration for Spinal Tap. I`ve never even heard the tape, and will seek it out as keepsake of Rock History! TGIF