‘The Conspirator’ Only Sends Us Over To the Real Lincoln Assassination Story!

April 25, 2011  
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I saw The Conspirator on Saturday and left the theater uncertain whether I had really seen a good movie. It seemed to drag in the middle and the courtroom drama was anything but dramatic. I just don`t know about James McAvoy`s acting? Everytime he gave a shout out for justice I checked my iphone for emails. And what was that Justin Long doing in the film? A sense of authenticity in his portrayal as a union Civil War soldier is just not there.

I didn`t read any reviews until yesterday and this morning, but what I read simply confirmed what I was already feeling. This was a 2 to 2 and ½ star film. It wasn`t a bomb, but it didn`t live up to the incredible high bar imposed on it. That is, the telling of an important chapter in our history. Rotten Tomatoes gives it an average rating of 58%, and this is about in line with what I can give it.

I`ve never given the Lincoln Assassination proper consideration. Don`t know why exactly, either I didn`t have enough time or I thought I already knew it all. Actually, it`s fairly complicated. Especially the evidence surrounding Mary Surratt`s role. I`m not quite convinced that Robert Redford`s version adheres with the record, but I can`t get specific for you. Not yet, at least. Took a look at the Wikipedia entries to break the ice. Did visit Ford`s Theater when I was kid. Didn`t realize that John Wilkes Booth once played a great Romeo!


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