The Meg Whitman Housekeeper Imbroglio!

September 30, 2010  
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This morning I`m trying to decide if I believe whether Meg Whitman knew some time ago that her housekeeper, Nicki Diaz-Santillan, was an illegal immigrant. The Associated Press article, Whitman knew housekeeper was in US illegally by Michael R. Blood and Juliet Williams, has the most detail I could find on the internet. I`m trending towards the notion that Meg did know some time ago.

The fact that publicity hound, Gloria Allred, (a Huffington Post piece) sprung with these allegations yesterday (with a weeping housekeeper by her side) smacks suspicious. It could be a political stunt to help get Jerry Brown elected as governor, but at the same time, the allegations could be true. What could be true? That Meg Whitman, who takes such a strong stance that employers should report any illegal immigrants, was practicing that very transgression.

That would make her a hypocrite. The piece of evidence that leads me to believe Meg knew, is the letter from Social Security, dated April 22, 2003, tipping her off that Nicki`s SS card was fake. Several of these letters were sent, and the SS office issued a statement that they would not have sent these letters, had there not been more than one violation by employees, of one employer.

This means that Meg may have had other illegal immigrants who she knowingly employed. I live in Texas, and this has been going on all my life. I could care less myself, but Meg Whitman is up there saying that responsible employers should immediately turn in undocumented workers. If this is more fully proved of her double standard, she can kiss her political career goodbye!


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