Wicked Old Folks Turn Library Into An Animal House

October 27, 2010  
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“About 60 senior citizens protested at a Florida library where a 10-year-old weekly current events discussion group was canceled after a heated incident.

The seniors gathered Tuesday at the Delray Beach Public Library to protest the cancellation of the weekly group without discussion leaders being consulted, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Wednesday.

Library officials said the group had a history of unruly behavior, including frequent shouting matches and a fist fight in the parking lot.”


I don’t blame library officials for cancelling the senior citizens’ discussion group. Many individuals have been asked to leave a library for speaking in a loud tone, these elderly thugs had shouting matches, and fist fights in the parking lot.

The last straw was when a wicked old lady gave some other old coot the finger. The library administrators simply couldn’t allow their hallowed sanctuary to become an Animal House.

These devilish old folks can take out their aggression at a Bingo hall. To heck with the lot of them.


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