Wife Thought Dead Husband Was Sleeping! He’d Been Dead For Days

January 18, 2011  
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“Russian authorities said a woman believed her husband to be sleeping for four days before she realized he was dead.

Police in Volgograd said the 57-year-old man died Jan. 14, but his wife believed him to merely be sleeping until she noticed ‘putrid spots’ on his body four days later, RIA Novosti reported Tuesday.”

Authorities are trying to determine the cause of death. It seems to me that the cause of death was criminal negligence, the evil woman let her ill husband die in his bead without calling for help.

I know some dudes are real lazy, but there is no way in hell that this woman didn’t realize her husband was dead when he hadn’t so much as lifted a finger in days.

The woman would have smelled the putrid stench of death, days before she noticed the “putrid spot” on her husband’s body. This lady is either very evil or very stupid.


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