Will Kendrick Meek Drop Out of Florida Senate Race?

October 29, 2010  
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It sure would be a good thing if the Democrats could find a way to block the young Latin Tea Party upstart, Marco Rubio, from winning the senate seat in Florida. It`s rumored that Bill Clinton discussed the possibility of Kendrick Meek`s dropping out of the race (with Meek), to put their support behind Charlie Crist, and spoil Rubio`s bid for the senate. Kendrick Meek denies this rumor, and plans on fighting to the end.

Only four more days for this to happen. Meek only has 15% of the vote in most polls. If he and Crist banded together, they could curtail the ambitious Rubio, whose head is filled with some very crazy notions. This sacrifice by Meek would be a noble deed for the Democratic Party. Charlie Crist looks liberal when compared to Marco Rubio. I hate to see the Sunshine State go down this path.

*Details in The Washington Post-Aide: Clinton tried to tell Meek to quit by Anne E. Kornblut.


One Response to “Will Kendrick Meek Drop Out of Florida Senate Race?”

  1. Ally on October 30th, 2010 1:59 am

    Meek’s followers might have a thing or two to say about that. My guess is they would be pissed if he dropped out.

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