Winter Jacket Saves Tiny Dog From Owl

January 18, 2011  
Filed under Weird Stuff

“George Kalomiris said he was walking the 4-pound dog, Chico, in the early hours Wednesday in Crystal Lake when the owl swooped out of the darkness and tried to grab the canine, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday.

However, Kalomiris said the owl could not get a good grip on Chico because of the dog’s puffy winter jacket. He said the dog suffered scratches to his head and a puncture wound, but quickly recovered from the injuries.”


Forcing a dog or a cat to wear clothes, even in the winter, makes as much sense as using sponges instead of buns for your hamburger.

Whenever I see a person walking a dog with a sweater or a silly hat, I feel sorry for the poor creature and anger at the owner.

However in this case the tiny dog’s winter jacket undoubtedly saved his life. Chico’s pride may be offended by having to wear a silly coat, but thank goodness he suffered only minor wounds.


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