Woman Gets Stuck In Tub, Sues Tub Manufacturer

August 16, 2011  
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“An Illinois woman’s lawsuit against Premier Care in Bathing claims she was trapped in one of the Florida company’s tubs for more than 30 hours.

Anna Cullen, who lives in Western Illinois, filed a lawsuit Monday in Cook County Court alleging she fell and ‘became wedged in the tub,’ which she was using for only the second time Sept. 4, 2010, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday.”


The UPI article doesn’t provide enough details for me to come to definitive conclusions. The woman’s weight, age and physical condition aren’t mentioned.

If this lady is overweight  commonsense leads me to conclude that only a fat woman would become wedged in a tub, in which case it would make just as much sense for her to sue McDonald’s and Dunkin‘ Donuts for her plight.

If Cullen is elderly then she might have a case, the tub manufacturer should have made their walk-in tubs very easy for an elderly person exit.

Since I don’t know all the facts I will simply wish Cullen a speedy recovery.


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