Women Have Always Worn Impractical Shoes

February 24, 2010  
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“Centuries before Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama were sized up over their shoes women’s feet had been a platform for showing off their economic and political status.

A new exhibit of more than 60 pairs of rare platform and high heel shoes shows how extreme and impractical footwear became a fashionable symbol of social standing in the 16th and 17th centuries.
‘This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these truly incredible pedestals that women walked on,’ said Elizabeth Semmelhack, senior curator at the Bata Shoe Museum.”
When some people see women sashaying in the mall wearing stiletto heels or impossibly tall platform shoes, they yearn for simpler times when ladies wore more sensible shoes.
But it seems that the fair sex has always had a thing about weird shoes, there was probably an Imelda Marcos stone-age woman with fifty shoes made out of rocks.
I have three pairs of shoes: Sneakers, dress shoes and work boots — most women have at least twenty pairs of shoes. I hope that one day the ladies will evolve over their need to have so many pairs of shoes.
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