Would You Eat A Bologna Lollipop At The Ballpark?

February 24, 2011  
Filed under Weird Stuff

“The West Michigan Whitecaps baseball team is allowing Web site visitors to vote on potential ballpark menu items including bologna lollipops.

Items on the poll, which closes March 4, include the bologna lollipop, a 5-inch diameter, 1-inch-thick slice of fried bologna on a stick, as well as a hot dog topped with duck meat and frog legs, a bacon-topped hamburger on a honey bun, a burrito containing hamburger meat with macaroni and cheese, a meat and potato parfait, a meat salad, a bacon-wrapped “Sonoran dog,” and a 5,630 calorie-meal featuring spaghetti and meatballs spread on a 16-inch loaf of garlic bread.”


A real man doesn’t suck on lollipops at a baseball game. But it’s not  really a lollipop, it’s a 1-inch thick slice of fried bologna on a stick. Actually, that sounds delicious, just don’t call it a dang lollipop.

Most of those items sound yummy, except for the hot dog topped with duck meat and frog legs. The only topping or condiment that I put on my dog is mustard.

That 5,630 calorie-meal sound great, but I would have to hire someone to wheelchair me to my car in the lot.


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